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"Sparkle in your eye? Oh, wait! That’s your car!"

When was the last time your car was properly washed? Probably in some automatic car wash down the street.

Using our pressure washer, decontamination process, proper handwashing techniques, and extensive knowledge, we will wash your car with proper care and quality.


We’ll not just simply wash your car, but also smoothen and wax your paint.

Not only you’ll see a big difference in the appearance, but you’ll be able to feel the smoothness and slickness of the paint once we are done with the service. Finished results would end up with your car paint "sparkle & pop”.

If you're looking only for a simple wash but will still have the quality that you deserve, please check out our Premium Wash service.

Cleaning Process


Clean Wheels 

Scrub the wheels and fender wells using various brushes to take out the dirt and grime out.



Thorough hand wash including door jambs, gas cap and remove bugs of the front end of the car.



Apply a layer of wax or sealant to all painted surfaces. This process not only protect but will hide minor scratches as well.


Dress Tires

Dressing the tires  make them shine (they will be dry to the touch once applied).


Smoothen Paint

We'll clay bar your paint to get rid of imbedded contaminants thus making your paint super smooth.


Clean Exterior Windows

Clean with high grade glass cleaner and wipe the glass down resulting a streak-free glass for a crystal clear vision.


*General pricing below. The actual price would base on size, condition and type of vehicle.


(GTI, Mini-Cooper, Civic)

GTI, Mini-Cooper, Miata

$110 - $150


(Camry, Crossover, Mid-Sized SUV)


(Large SUV, Truck)

$150 - $210

$180 - $280

Wash & Wax FAQs

Q: What is the difference between a $15 automatic wash vs a wash and wax from detailers?

A $15 car wash is not a detail-oriented type of wash. Meaning, it will only wash any loose dirt from the paint. It won't be able to clean the cracks of your car like stuck leaves, mud, dirt most especially algae which by the way is harder to clean.


While a wash and wax from a detailing service like ours spend more time on your car for the reason that we check every nook & cranny to make sure your car is clean from every spot and angle possible including the dirtiest spots which are the rear end and roof. Plus we also apply wax to protect your paint from dirt and it will leave a lasting shine and slickness.

Q: How often should I wash and wax my car?

It depends on where your car is being kept most of the time. For the majority of people living in the greater Vancouver area, most people park on the curbside making their cars more exposed to dirt and the elements. We highly recommend having it washed and waxed at least every 6 months to ensure minimal exterior damage to your car's exterior and keep its good appearance.

Q: Does wax eliminate scratches and swirls?

No, it doesn't. Wax simply enhances the gloss and clarity of the paint. Though it can hide some very light scratches by 'filling it in' over time as the wax starts to fade, it will show itself back. If you're looking to eliminate scratches, our Paint Correction services would be the right one for you. 

Q:  How long does it take?

It varies depending on the size & condition of your paint. A relatively clean SUV will be much faster to finish compared to a filthy sedan. 

Q: Do you come to my location?

Yes, we are a mobile-based auto detailing service company operating mostly in the Greater Vancouver area as we don't have a storefront at the moment. We operate in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, Delta, and North Vancouver areas.  


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