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Top Quality Car Polishing Services in Vancouver

Restore the shine & clarity of your paint

"Paint polishing" also commonly known as single-stage polish is a process that restores dull paint, micro swirling, and scratches on your paint. There are many reasons why your car's paint loses its shine. 

The first one is due to the sun's UV rays and Infrared radiation. These 2 will slowly break down your paint and make your once glossy paint dull. It's just the laws of nature. The longer your car gets exposed to the heat of the sun, the faster it fades. This is very common for cars that aren’t garage kept.

Another common culprit is micro-scratches that you'll see when light hits your paint. It will look like a spider web circulating around the light. These imperfections that refract light will give that dull look. One major reason micro-scratches occur is because of poor washing and wiping techniques. Most people wipe their paint with abrasive towels or even dirty towels.

This service helps you solve that problem. Using our polishing machine, compounds, knowledge and proper techniques, we can bring back your paint's gloss and slickness. A polish can also eliminate 50-60% of the micro scratches as a by-product so you can expect your paint to be shiny once again!


1. Great for someone looking to sell your vehicle and who wants to prep the paint for potential buyers. 

2. This is perfect if you're looking to restore the gloss and clarity of your paint.

Before & After
Our Stage 1 Polishing Process

Brush tires, wheels and fender wells using a combination of brushes and appropriate chemicals.


In the Polishing phase, we use the combination of machine polisher,  pads and compounds to bring back the shine and clarity of the paint.


Foam the car with our PH-neutral car soap and carefully hand wash it using proper washing techniques to clean the cracks and panels of your vehicle. 


To inspect the true condition of the paint after each set of passes, we'll be using an IPA wipedown and light to get rid of the oils from the polishing compound that can hide underneath.


Using our iron remover, we'll chemically remove all of the embedded iron particles that came mainly from the brake dust and the road.


We'll add protection by using our premium wax that lasts up to 6 months from UV rays and will also give your paint an extra shine and slickness.


We'll use a clay bar to mechanically remove other embedded particles such as tar, tree sap, road grime, bug guts, and industrial fallout.


We'll dress plastic trims and tires using a high-quality plastic, rubber and vinyl dressing to make them pop and shine again. 


To protect your plastic trims and other areas from polish staining, we'll tape off these areas using body shop masking tape.


To give you a clear vision, we'll be cleaning the exterior and interior glass of the car.


Final touch-ups will be performed from the exterior to the interior of your vehicle to ensure nothing is missed. We'll contact you before and after this step.



(GTI, Mini-Cooper, Civic)



(Camry, Crossover, Mid-Sized SUV)


(Large SUV)






Polishing FAQs

Is polishing harmful to my paint?

Polishing is not harmful to your paint when done correctly. With our deep understanding of the properties and structure of car paints, proper techniques, and experience, we can assure you that this won't be an issue.

Can it be done with any type of paint?

Yes, it can. Depending on the condition and type of the paint,  we might use a different methodology on how we approach it but nonetheless, you'll get an amazing result afterward!

What types of defects can be corrected?

Polishing can eliminate oxidation, water spots, micro-scratches, light scratches, blemishes, and in some cases, etchings depending on how deep it's gone through the paint. 

How long does it take to complete?

Typically in about 7-9 hours but it really depends on the type of paint, condition, and size of the vehicle. 

What is the difference between polishing and waxing?

Polishing restores gloss and clarity by leveling down a very small portion of the clear coat that contains defects causing dullness while waxing is a protective coating applied to the paint and enhances shine temporarily.


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