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paint correction

What is paint correction? Paint polishing is the process of restoring shine to dull, damaged car paint. It involves using a high-speed rotary or DA polisher to remove imperfections like swirl marks, minor scratches, etched water spots from acid rain, and etched bird droppings.  This leaves the paint looking shiny and new again.

Paint correction is important because it makes your car look its best. To protect the newly polished paint we top it off with a spray sealant or premium wax. 

With our Stage 1 Polishing, We'll be able to remove about 60% - 80% of imperfections to bring back the paint's shine. 

But if you're looking to further improve it, our Stage 2 Cut & Polish can eliminate about 80%-95% that will give you a close to "showroom" like finish.

Stage 1 Correction (Polish)

Improve dull paint's gloss & clarity by removing minor swirls and defects. 


*This service is recommended for light-to-light-medium scratches & defects.


**We do not chase scratches on this service as the goal is to bring back the gloss & clarity.

  • Full Prep (similar to Wash & Wax)

  • Multi-layered decontamination process

  • Blow Dry

  • Polish Paint

  • Seal freshly polished paint with a premium carnauba wax or spray sealant

Stage 2 Correction
(Cut & Polish)

Immensely improve paint's gloss & clarity by safely cutting paint with a combination of abrasive compounds & disks and then polishing to "deepen" the clarity even further. 

*This service is recommended for light-medium to medium scratches & other defects.

  • Full Prep (similar to Wash & Wax)

  • Multi-layered decontamination process

  • Blow Dry

  • Cutting Stage 

  • Polishing Stage

  • Seal with premium carnauba wax or spray sealant

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