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Mini-Interior Detail: A Maintenance Service

"Clean & Maintained"

If you're the kind of person who wants to maintain your car always clean and free of dirt, then this service is perfect for you.


Commonly known by many as an Interior Car Wash package, this service is more of maintenance upkeep. So if it’s been several weeks or so since you’ve last cleaned your interior and the condition has gotten a little out of hand, then we can get it back to its glorious state.


This is our most basic interior cleaning service. We'll wipe down dust, and light debris and also thoroughly vacuum the entire interior including the mats, keeping your interior glass streak-free 


Please note that this is not a deep cleaning service. If you're looking to get pet hair removal, stain & spill removal, or shampooing of car seats, our Deep Interior Cleaning is the right option for you.


*General pricing below. The actual price would base on size, condition and type of vehicle.


(GTI, Mini-Cooper, Civic)

GTI, Mini-Cooper, Miata

$50 - $65


(Camry, Crossover, Mid-Sized SUV)


(Large SUV, Truck)

$70 - $95

$90 - $130

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