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"Just like a spa but for your car!"


Mini-Interior Detail

The Mini-Interior Detail is the basic service that’ll get your interior in a much better condition without spending too much time or money.


-This service is more of a maintenance interior cleaning.

What this service includes:

  • Thorough blowing and vacuuming of the entire interior (carpet, mats, seats & trunk)

  • Wipe down of light dust and debris on all surfaces

  • Streak-free glass and interior & exterior window cleaning

  • Clean rubber/carpet matts

Deep Interior Cleaning

This service is meant to get your interior back to the best condition possible. Your seats, floor mats, dashboard, door panels, headliner, carpet, etc.. will all be thoroughly cleaned, detailed, and shampooed (if required). 


What the service will include:

  • Thorough vacuuming of the entire interior (carpet, mats, seats & trunk)

  • Wiping down door jambs

  • Cleaning all plastic panels (door panels, dashboard, cup holders, center console)

  • Steam cleaning and shampooing carpet and fabric surfaces (seats, carpets, headliner)

  • Streak-free glass and interior window cleaning



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