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Engine Bay Cleaning in Vancouver BC

Remove The Dust, Dirt, and Debris To Get A Like-New Condition Again

Get Your Engine Bay As Good As New

Like most car owners, you take pride in your vehicle. You keep it clean and tidy, both inside and out. But there's one area that's often neglected: the engine bay. Let's face it, and it's not easy to clean a dirty engine bay. You might need to disconnect hoses, remove covers, and contort your body into all sorts of positions to reach those pesky nooks and crannies- in other words, engine bay cleaning is simple. Still, without proper knowledge and technique, you can potentially damage your car from the inside. 


But you need not worry, and we're here to help you. You'll see a massive difference after we clean it. 

*NOTE: This is an Add-On service. We require you to pair it with our Simple Wash or Wash & Wax.

Engine Cleaning Process



Prior to cleaning, we'll check the engine bay to keep an eye out for sensitive parts and where to clean.


Cover Sensitive Areas

This could be the car's battery, intake, alternator - or something else entirely!


Brush & Spray

This is where the real work happens. With multiple brushes and chemicals, we can get your engine looking fantastic in no time!


Blow & Dry

Time to dry the engine bay! Get all that water out of the tiny nooks and crannies - it's going to take some serious air movement to do the trick!


Engine Dressing

Now that the engine's all cleanup, we need to touch up any areas that need it and shine up all the plastic panels! It's going to look so good when we're done!


*General pricing below. The actual price would base on size and condition.

$70 - $95

$90 - $130

$50 - $80
Engine Bay FAQ

Q: What are the benefits of engine bay cleaning?

Not only does it make it cleaner, but also helps you diagnose car problems easier and faster. Such as to prevent it from rusting or allowing for inlets, outlets and interior passageways from becoming clogged with dust, dirt and debris. 

Q: Are you going to use water on my engine bay?

Yes, We wouldn't want to flood the engine bay with water - that's why we're careful to cover up the necessary areas and hold the wand at a safe distance.

Q: Do you clean oil leaks/spills?

We may not be able to perform the service if the engine is covered with oil/grease. We can only clean so much, and we won't get under or thoroughly into the engine bay where a lot of the mess is collected.


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