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Professional Car Interior Cleaning in Vancouver

"Just like a spa but for your car!"

Our Deep Interior Detail service is the perfect way to reset your interior's ultra-clean appearance. This service will remove all the dirt, grime, and debris from every nook and cranny lingering in your car.


We’ll even clean those hard-to-reach places that you can never seem to get to the most. We use professional-grade tools, products, and proper techniques to get the job done.


Does this mean every last stain or blemish will be gone? Unfortunately no. There are a lot of variables to this. Depending on what type of stain, how long it was sitting on the affected surface, and the type of material it is on. But surely that outcome is you'll still have a much-improved interior.


Our team is dedicated to bringing your car's interior to the best possible condition. Everything in the interior will be thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed.


This means your steering wheel, dashboard, center console, vinyl door panels, carpets, floor mats, headliner, and even the trunk compartment will be meticulously detailed, leaving them looking and smelling like new again.


We'll clean your windows inside and out, leaving them streak-free for crystal-clear visibility.


If you're looking for a 'quick and light' type of interior cleaning, our Mini-Interior Detail service might be the one you're looking for.

Our Deep Interior Cleaning Process


Remove Clutter

We'll separate your personal items and trash (will segragate them using separate bags).


Detail & Clean Plastic/Leather Surfaces

We'll deep clean surfaces (seats, door panels, dashboard, center console, etc.) using our brushes, pads and other professional-grade tools.


Deep Vacuum

Thoroughly vacuum the carpets, seats and crevices where dust and dirt usually hides.


Shampoo Seats, Carpets & Mats

We use our fabric-specific cleaners & professional spot cleaning extractor, we'll shampoo the material to pull out the embedded dirt, grime and stains. 


Clean Windows & Mirrors

Streak-free interior windows and mirrors (sun visor, sunroof, front & rear windshield


Final Touch Ups

A final inspection will be done to address any spots or areas that we might miss or we can improve before presenting the vehicle to you.


*General pricing below. The actual price would base on size, condition, and type of vehicle.


(GTI, Mini-Cooper, Civic)

GTI, Mini-Cooper, Miata

$130 - $170


(Camry, Crossover, Mid-Sized SUV)


(Large SUV, Truck)

$170 - $230

$200 - $300

Deep Interior Detailing FAQs

Q: How long would it take to clean my interior?


-  Depending on the interior's condition & size. Generally speaking, the process can generally take up to 4 hours, a poorly maintained 2-door-coupe vehicle can take up to 4 hours to clean while a very clean and well-maintained 5-seater SUV can take up to 3 hours. We'll ask for a few photos of your interior to give you an estimated time frame.

Q: Can you remove the stains 100%?

- The short answer is maybe. Some stains can be completely removed, some partially and others won't no matter how hard we try. It all depends on the type of stain, how long the stain has been there sitting on that spot and what type of material it is on. Every stain is different from the other. 

Q: Will you be able to remove my car seats?

- We do not presently disconnect any electronic connectors or detach them from the seat rails. Your seats are one of the things in your car that keep you safe.  We wouldn't want to do anything to potentially jeopardize your safety. We have several tools, products, and techniques that help us easily remove dirt or stains around your seats.

NOTE: If you have child safety seats inside, we'll take them off but won't install them back. We'll leave it for you.

Q: How long will my upholstery and carpets take to dry?

- If we perform a 'wet-shampoo process' on your interior, it will depend on the type of weather outside. If it's raining, due to high humidity, it will take more or less 4 hours to completely dry your vehicle. If it's warm, it takes about an hour. Just leave some of the windows open (about 1-1/2) to let the air circulate in the car.

Before And After Shots


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