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2 Stage Paint Correction
(Cut & Polish) in Vancouver

Remove swirls & micro scratches and even further enhance gloss & clarity

Paint correction is the process of manually removing surface imperfections from a vehicle's paintwork. The goal is to restore the paint to its original condition, or as close to it as possible.


There are two stages to this service. The cut is the 1st stage and involves using abrasive pads and compounds to remove up to 95% of swirls and micro scratches.


Every paint is different, some are easier to correct, and some are a lot harder. Depending on your paint & condition, we can eliminate more scratches/swirls than the other cars. 


Polish is the 2nd stage and uses finer abrasives to remove any remaining imperfections and further enhance the gloss and clarity of the paint. This step also prepares the paint for wax or sealant, which will protect it from future damage.


Overall, paint correction can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the severity of the defects. But the end result is worth it, as your car will absolutely look like new again!

The 2 Stage paint correction is a commitment you’re making to your vehicle. If you’d like to keep the shine on your paint, you have to properly maintain the vehicle after the service is complete. If you don’t properly wash and dry the vehicle, you can easily put all those swirls and scratches back into your paint in just a few washes.


1. This service is for you if you want to eliminate as many scratches as possible (Close to perfection) and want to enhance the shine & clarity even further.


If you’re selling your vehicle and want to prep the paint for potential buyers, our 1 Stage Polishing or Wash and Wax is also a great option.

Before & After
The 2-Stage: Cut & Polish Process

NOTE: Based on the size, condition, and type of paint, the time it takes can greatly differ. Two same-sized cars can get the same service but one takes 8 hours while the other takes 14 hours.

Clean Wheels, Tires 
& Fender Wells

Get ready to make your wheels look amazing! We start by thoroughly cleaning the wheel faces, wheel barrels, tires, and inner fender liner.

Snow Foam & Hand Wash

We give your car a thick layer of foamy love and a gentle hand wash (while we clean the jambs, and gas cap, and whisk away any buggies from the paint).

Chemically Remove Iron Particles

Embedded brake dust onto the paint will be melted away using our iron remover.

Clay Bar Treatment

This treatment will remove contaminants such as road grime, embedded contaminants, tar, tree sap and overspray thus resulting a super slick paint!

Tape Off Sensitive Areas

To avoid polish build-up or staining, we'll tape off and protect any trim, chrome & other sensitive areas

1st Stage: Cutting

This stage is the aggressive method to eliminate 85-90% of the swirls and scratches and the longest time required for this process alone.

2nd Stage: Polishing

The cutting stage will produce marring and hazing (which is very normal) will be eliminated by polishing thus also drastically refining the gloss and clarity of the paint.

Compound Wipe Off

Wipe down the panels with a polish remover to inspect the paint and reveal its true condition.

Apply Premium Wax

Apply protection to the paint for added shine and protection. Our wax will help keep your paint looking extra glossy and add UV protection.

Dress Tires & Plastic Trims

We'll dress tires and plastic trims to make them shine and depth (they’ll be dry to the touch).

Clean Exterior Windows & Mirrors

We'll clean your exterior glass windows and mirrors. This will give you a crystal clear vision!

Final Touch Ups

We'll do a final inspection of all exterior surfaces and touch up any areas that need are attention. This is the last step before we're done!



(GTI, Mini-Cooper, Civic)



(Camry, Crossover, Mid-Sized SUV)


(Large SUV)






Cut & Polish Results
black car shiny after paint corrected
Paint Correction FAQ

What is the difference between waxing and paint correction?

Waxing only provides a thin layer of protection and shine to your paint. It does NOT hide any scratches or swirls. While paint correction is more of a permanent (if maintained correctly) fix. It eliminates scratches by using machine polishers, pads and various compounds and techniques.

How long does this the service take to finish?

Every paint is different. Typically, Japanese cars (Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Mazda, Nissan etc.) have 'softer' paints, meaning it is normally easier to get rid of the scratches and swirls on the paint compared to European (Porche, BMW, Mercedez-Benz, VW, etc.) and American (Ford, Chevy, Jeep, Tesla, RAM, Dodge, etc.) cars who tend to have 'harder' paints. This can take typically anywhere between 6-9 hours of work.


Another important factor would be the condition of the paint. A hard good condition paint (fewer swirls and scratches) is still easier to correct compared to a soft one but has bad condition (heavy swirls and scratches) paint. Can take anywhere between 8-14 hours or sometimes longer.

For how long will the results last?

It all depends on how you take care of your car after the service. Doing regular wash maintenance like hand washing or touchless washes at least once a week will prolong the good condition of the paint by washing it every 6 months. Maintenance is key to good-looking paint.

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